Saalbacher Trail & Skyrace

For all! From brave beginners to strong amateur runners and professionals. Select: Absolute Panorama Trail or Soul Trail!

Saalbacher Trail & Skyrace

For all! From brave beginners to strong amateur runners and professionals. Select: Absolute Panorama Trail or Soul Trail!


The race was on: Sat 21 Aug 2021
The race started at: 07:00 Uhr


07:00 Uhr Start 13 Summit Sky Marathon 52Km 3666Hm


At the event tent, opposite the Schattberg valley station in Saalbach!


10:00 Uhr Start Soultrail 9Km 450Hm


across from the Street, at the Finish line of the Marathon


Both, starting and finishing in Saalbach center.


INFOS SKYRACE + VERTICAL + TRIPLE X hier:  Sky Vertical Triplex


13 Summit Sky Marathon 52Km 3666Hm



TEAM or Single:

For the extra team rating,

the team must arrive together at the finish.

In addition, all come in the single rating.

If the team divides, does not matter, then you are at least in the single rating.



Compulsory equipment:

Mobile phone, rechargeable battery,

(Organizer's number (06764433228) mandatory for Marathon and Skyrace!)

Running shoes (non-slip sole)

Functional running wear

Waterproof jacket - (optional overpants)

Aluminum emergency ceiling! (aluminium coated 140×200 cm)

Route map (available at the start)

0.5 litres of liquid or one bottle (better 1 litre)

Emergency catering (at least 1-2 bars or gels)


Recommended: Insurance for a possible helicopter rescue (ÖAV,ÖMTC...)


Recommended: Headgear/cap (heat)


If sticks are used, they must be carried along from start to finish!




This time down, in the valley, Opposite the start.




12 h



1. Schattberg Ostgipfel Km 7.8 - Staff on site

2. Sommertörl Km 18.7 - Staff on site

3. Leitenscharte Km 25 - Staff on site

4. Saaljoch Km 35 - Staff on site

5. Roßwaldhütte Km 44 - Staff on site

6 Reiteralm Km 48

7. at the finish



Water, juice or canned beverage, fill bottles on the spot.

There are salted biscuits, chocolate, fruit, cereals and biscuits.

Do not throw garbage into the terrain - gels and granola bars!

Drinking cup, if desired, take it with you on your backpack (no cups will be handed out).



Age Range



01.01.1976 - 31.12.2002



01.01.1940 - 31.12.1975





SoulTrail 9Km 450Hm


Good shoes and clothing suitable for the weather.

You can use poles/Walking sticks.




Back to the start.




no Time limit



at the Spielberg hut Km 3.5


Age Range

M/W 1-2-3


Entry fee and closing date:

Costs / entry fee / discounted pre-registration: see "Time 2 Win":




You receive:

A state-of-the-art T-shirt with Saalbach branding, Power Drinks by Diesel Sport,

a power gel and bar, a meal in the event tent, the route support

(For the Marathon: 6 refreshment stations, online live tracking, care and security + 3 extra Gels).

Plus,a finisher medal for everyone and chip time tracking with instant results online. Also, free pictures of you, there are then immediately online!

The winners of the respective classes receive a non-cash prize. All other prizes will be raffled by a raffle, so everyone can win prizes.

  With prices from Tecnica for the participants. Further awards and sponsors will follow ...


advance booking

up to and including 17.August.2020

Late entry at the start is only with an extra fee possible!



Number (chip) issue also on the day before the 21.08.2020 from 13:00 - 18:00

in the building of the TVB Saalbach possible (on the main street),

and on 22.08.2020 in the event tent,

from about 05:00, to no later than half an hour before the start,

next to the Schattberg Express valley station!

This also applies to the late sign in!

Parking instruction - see picture - please note!

First get at the Schattberg station numbers and starter bag, 1 hour free parking, then continue to the parking garage center (tunnel)!  

Parking only in the car park center, in the tunnel, barriers on Saturday and Sunday from 05:00 to 22:00 open!





Winners ceremony:

In the event tent, at the Schattberg valley station.

At the earliest after the arrival of the Top 3 M / W AG and their acclimatization and refreshment ;-)

The victory honors of the individual distances become fluent,

during the whole competition held!

So the fast ones do not have to wait until the end and the pleasure runners do not have any stress or pressure.



Skyrace Marathon above 13 Peaks:

  1. Schattberg Ostgipfel 2018m
  2. Stemmerkogel 2123m
  3. Saalbachkogel 2092m
  4. Hochkogel 2249m
  5. Hochsaalbachkogel 2212m
  6. Bärensteigkopf 2225m
  7. Manlitzkogel 2247m
  8. Mittagskogel 2092m
  9. Geißstein 2363m
  10. Teufelssprung 2174m
  11. Gamshag 2178m
  12. Staffkogel 2115m
  13. Spieleckkogel 1998m

Absolute Panorama Round Tour!

Grandiose trail run, the whole valley surrounding, always with top views

and over 13 summit crossings to "collect".

Always at an altitude of about 2000m. Top Challenge: 52Km 3666Hm!

In the course of the event with Labe stations, checkpoints and live GPS tracking !!!

Every starter gets a tracker for us for control and safety.

So your family and friends know where you have been right now.

LIVE and ONLINE ! Run as Team or Single!

Be there, in "race or fast walking fashion", finish the round !!!

For the better way finding is for the participants a digital GPS version obligatory,

on the clock or with Navi or on the mobile !!! The intersections are marked,

but without GPS you should not be at the start. Even if it always goes up,

from peak to peak and along the mountain ridges.

That should have a runner, in this format already.

Or the "oldschool variant" and you study the track and the peaks to 100%.

On the start number all summit names will be listed again in order.


Soultrail + Chillout run:

 Soul Trail:

whether sprinter, beginner, chillout runner, be there! #

We look forward to you!




The entry fee will be withheld even if the participant does not appear. Except the race does not take place.

The starting place can be transferred with timely announcement by mail (e.g. to a friend). e.g.: with illness

The participant must take care of this himself.


Mail with data to

Change of competition (change of distance) possible until the start of the race.

(without refund)






A big thank you to all landowners, farmers, forest owners' cooperatives.

and the way cooperatives, without whose permission there would be no race.



How to get there:

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