Berglauf Wiechenthalerhütte

Mountain running for everyone, from hobby runners to professionals! Sticks may be used!

Berglauf Wiechenthalerhütte

Mountain running for everyone, from hobby runners to professionals! Sticks may be used!


The race will be on: Sat 12 Sep 2020
The start will be at: 11:00 Uhr


In Saalfelden at the "Steinernen Meer", at the parking lot of the "Peter Wiechenthaler Hütte".

Before the end of the town - in the direction of Lofer - at the sign befor "Saalfelden", turn right up all the way to the car park.


Main Trail


Good shoes and clothing suitable for the weather

Backpack transport for spare clothing on site.

Sticks may be used.



The Wiechenthaler Hut at 1710m



No time limit!



Water slightly above the center.

Drinks and refreshments at the finish.


Age Range




JG 2009 - 2002



JG 2001 - 1998



JG 1997 - 1975



JG 74 and older



Wiechenthaler run 24,-   

There's a starter gift for that,

a drink & a refreshment right at the finish.

 All participants get a good portion of spaghetti in the hut.


Anmeldung: >>>Race Result<<<



A free T-shirt is available for all, who are picking up the Start number,

on Saturday the 28.9.19 from 10.00 - 16.00

at the Salewa Mountain Shop Saalfelden.

Only with prior online registration!




At the parking lot, right at the start.

For those who decide late, an entry at the start is possible.

ATTENTION ONLY 20 PLACES! Better to register online!


From 09:20 until 10:30 at the latest for the rucksack transport, the numbers issue.

and for the after entries +5 Euro


Winners ceremony:

In the Wiechenthalerhütte or on the terrace, immediately after the race!


The winners of the respective classes will receive a material prize. All other prizes will be raffled by a tombola,

so anyone can win the grand prize. There is a great raffle with prizes from Salewa and Dynafit for the participants.

More prizes and Goodi bags

DM drugstore market, Dolce Vita, climbing hall, natural food shop Wildhöltzl and others.


The amount will also be retained if the participant does not appear.

Except the race does not take place.

In case of illness the starting place can be transferred to another one. The participant has to take care of this himself.


Dates with mail to

We hope for nice weather but the race will also take place when it rains.

(what is no problem with the backpack transport and the hut)

First we walk the gravel path (approx. 8min) and then the beautiful trail up to the hut.


A big thank you to the Wiechenthaler Hütten Team and to the ÖAV !

How to get there:

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